Thursday, August 6, 2009

Not On The List...

Today, I had a super long to-do list... This shirt was not on it... But, I figured, "What the heck!"

Miles did not have his own shirt made by Mommy yet, so I thought I would whip him one right up!

I think he will like it!

PS- Have any of you ever used invisible thread? It looks like fishing line and is super hard to use. If you are feeling like putting your patients to the limit, try using this thread... I used it on the ric-rac water and the spout at the top.
The to-do list still has everything on it, I am hoping to get some stuff crossed off tomorrow so I can go into the weekend guilt-free!
Have a great weekend!


  1. ADORABLE shirt! LOVE the jumbo ricrac. And I hear ya on the invisible thread... not my friend either. I try and avoid it at all costs. Sometimes (not always, unfortunately) helps if I change the needle.

  2. I think the whale/spout/water turned out great. You did an awesome job. Mom

  3. This looks FABULOUS! I'm thinking Ruby Jane needs a cupcake...hint...hint. Twinkies b-days are coming up soon! LOL

    Really though - you did an awesome job. I don't knwo anything about invisible thread but sounds crazy. And don't worry about that To Do list girlfriend - things will get done when they get done - no biggy! Have a great "guilt free" weekend!

  4. you seriously inspire me! my sewing machine is waiting for a spare moment for me to play still!!


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