Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dear Mason,

You have been such a sweet little snugly, cuddly bug lately.

Some fun things that you and Mommy have been doing lately:

1. Getting the car washed... You love to see the big brushes washing away. The whole time you point and speak in Mason language telling me all about it!
2. Seeing the new baby kittens. You are not really sure what to do, you just stare at them and say "kitty" while patting there bed a little too hard. Mommy has to tell you to do it "easy..."
3. Helping vacuum the floor. Mommy bought you a vacuum of your own and that is not really good enough, you want to use the big one just like me... It really is the cutest thing.
4. Trying to go down the stairs all by your self. I do not know how you do it, but every single day you find ways to grow up and it is very bitter-sweet for me. Pretty soon you will be driving... OK, lets not get dramatic...
5. Trying to ride Gabby. She is not really too much into this, but you think it is pretty fun. It is a good thing that she is very patient, because you have put her through the ringer...

Fun things you have been doing with Daddy;
1. Wearing a hat. You just mastered it. Daddy is stoked that you like to wear a hat just like him. It is just one more thing that makes you just like him.
2. Working on stuff. You would work on anything you could get your hands on and so would Daddy. If he is working on the car, you want to be right there with him... Cute
3. Playing hard. Because that is what boys do best, right? You and Daddy are the best at playing, I know you two will have so much fun in the future playing with all of your toys...

I love you little man. Do not grow up too fast, there is no rush, I am enjoying you just the way you are...
Love Always,


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  1. that is soooo sweet i need to do that for Liam.


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