Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Our Little Ham!

Look at this HAM on the piano..... I love this kidd-o, he is amazing...
This is Brian and I when we were small, doesn't Mason look like us?
It was snowing outside, but we went out and Mason would not keep the cap on so we came back inside- BUMMER. He was pretty mad at me.
Look at that RED hair. I love it!
He has had a hair cut since this picture was taken
This was his Daddy's rocking chair when he was a small boy. Also, that is my make up brush. He likes to hold them and chew on the brush part. I know it is not good for him, but it is clean and he pitches a fit. I would not be able to get my make up done in the morning if it were not for tools like the "secret" make up brush!
More Hamming it up from Mason! He is just too darn CUTE!

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  1. Mason looks EXACTLY like you! Oh my goodness! Thanks for posting all of the super cute pictures. What a little hunk sweet MayMay is.


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