Thursday, December 20, 2007

Girl's Night Revisited....

We had fun last night at girls night. It was pretty low-key. I met up with Michelle and Kasey after Mason got ready for bed and we ate at Jason's Deli. It was yummy. I had the Tomato Basil soup, it is my absolute favorite! Then Shelly came to meet up with us. We had a great time chatting it up about Mommy stuff. Pretty much the topic of conversation was "Vaccinations." I am a little more sketchy about them then I was before. I am going to do some research and I will get back to you on me feelings about them. But pretty much, I got a little paranoid from what all everyone was saying. I do know this, no more shots with Mercury....... As far as I know, this only includes the FLU shot, we will opt for the nose spray next year.

I am pretty much talking about something I know nothing about, so I will post more when I have more information, I will post it!!!

PS- this will be the last post until at least next Wednesday! I normally only post while I am at work and I do not have to be back until next Wednesday!

Merry Christmas to all, from the Phillips'- We love you!


  1. Jason's Deli is my FAV! I beg James to go there all the time. :) Merry Christmas!

  2. I am a little paranoid about vaccines too. You are not alone. It's different being a mom, isn't it?


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