Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Pictures

Mason and his Ball Pitt that Santa brought to him.... What was Santa thinking, that think is HUGE??????
Daddy and Mason checking out the ball pit....
Mommy's present from Santa, the bracelet
Snuggle time while Mommy opens Mason's presents. All he wanted to do was play with them, the opening part was not so interesting...
Kitty showed up on the front porch on Saturday morning. I am still pretty sure Santa brought her to me, but Curt wants to make sure that there is not some little girl out there somewhere crying her eyes out because her kitty is gone!
What more can I say- just look at him, ADORABLE
Tater and J
Mason, trying to figure out if this is attached....

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  1. I must say Mason is pretty adorable! Ok, so when are you coming? It's 2008 now, not too early to plan your trip!! Bring it on!!!


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