Friday, July 20, 2007

Nothing is safe anymore.....

Mason has discovered the stairs. I thought at first that his grandmothers secrety taught him, but Oh NO! I looked over and he had climed up the landing, and I thought, "awww, how neet-o." I was so excited that he was climbing stairs... YEAH RIGHT! It wasn't 2 secconds later that he took off up 3 staris without even batting an eye. I was amazed and VERY scared at the same time. Needless to say- it is time to put the gates up. Mason is on the MOVE!

He was always getting into my baskets, and so I decided to put a bunch of his books and movies in them so when he pulled them out and looked at them and chewed on them- it would not matter. He was ripping my magizeens all to shreds. I do not know why I cared- I only read them one time and then put them in the silly baskets.... I guess maybe I want the chance in case I get bored- (like that will ever happen!)

Look at Aunt Tater and Mason. She is so BEautiFul! Maosn absolutely loves her. They have tons of fun together.

Hummmm. What do you think they were doing in this picture? Well, Grandpa was trying to get a good picture and I was behind him making all kinds of silly noises and faces so Mason would smile. You see how well that worked!!!!

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  1. Katie, or shall I say Aunt Tater! has truly grown up. She is gorgeous! Cute pictures.


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