Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Late but worth every picture

Mason and I recently had the opportunity to go and visit Amanda, Cole and Joe. We had a great time. We went to the zoo, the park, the mall and had the most fun. It is so great that we have families to share with each other and our kiddo's are the same age. Cole and Mason had a great time exploring, sharing, not sharing, hugging, not hugging and hanging out with there two super cool Mom's. It was great hanging out and catching up. We made a pact to see each other once a year, I am making it public so I make for sure that it happens.. I was sad to leave because it was so fun, but Mason had such a great time with "Aunt Amanda" that he cried when she left us at the gate.
Amanda, Joe and Cole,
Thanks for letting us visit your home and showing us such a great time. We will never forget the fun we had. See you next year....
Leslee & Mason
Leslee & Amanda
Mason & Cole
Big Tough Guy
Amanda helping Mason put on a back pack
Russell's Birthday. He was 24, the yellow candle was a 2 and the pink candle was a 4.
Animals at the Zoo
Mason really liked the goats and did not want to leave them...
Mason petting the goat, black eye and all.
Cole showing Mason the animals.
Mason wanted to clean the iguana with his wipes.

The boys after we got picked up from the air port... They actually held hands on the way to Amanda's house.
Sweet Cole, this is such an Amazing kiddo. Amanda and Joe are doing so well as parents. He is always so thankful and has great manners. He never lets you forget to say your prayers.
Mason sure loves to swing.
On the se-saw. Mason and I were on the other end.
Playing hide and seek. Funny kid...

On the Carousel at the mall. Mason's first carousel ride, he loved it.
Cole, Me, Mason
Cole and Amanda
Amanda and Mason.
My little spit-fire


  1. I LOVED every second of your visit!! It was so much fun to have someone to talk to and hang around with at all times. I'm so glad you came and can't wait until next year!!

    p.s. You should be getting something in the mail soon. :)

  2. These are awesome pics! I'm so happy you got to hang out together, and how exciting for the boys to get to know each other! So cute! And it looks like you did so many fun things! Oh, and I would love to put the cute little kiki and Lele sidebar on my blog. My email is You guys make incredible jewelry and I want to spread the word! :)

  3. So many fun posts to read!! (I am WAY behind in the blogging world!) Love the pics from the trip. It looks like so much fun. My very fav is the one of Mason & Cole on the lizard. They are just too darn cute. Also..your post about your monthly 'friend' cracked me up. Not having that friend for 9 months definitely IS a the pics your dad took...Mason looks so big... I hate how fast they grow! But it is also SOOOO much fun too!

    by the way... I don't know if you saw, we FINALLY named our little guy: Tave. We've gotten quite the ranges of responses to his name, but oh well... we love it. :) thanks for your suggestions... Griffin was actually our second choice :P
    okay, i will end this novel, I guess i should have just emailed, haha.


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