Friday, July 31, 2009

PSF- Busy Bee

This week has been super busy for us. I personally am trying to cram a ton of things that we need to do in before Mr. Miles makes his appearance is less than 40 days... Yes, you heard that right, I am super pregnant! Surprisingly, I am doing GREAT! The only issue I have is sore feet and I am sure that is from the weight...

Read on and see what we have been up too!

Daddy is seriously thinking about going Pro at dirt bike racing... Mason is not sure about it though...

Practicing on his new dirt bike... How stinking cute is this???

Growing a baby is such hard work, but someone has to do it... Just look how big!

Mason had a time out or two... Bless his little heart!

We had some visitors. I have a GrEaT friend that lives in Texas and she stopped by for a few hours on Wednesday!!! We had such a great time. Her oldest son's name is Cole and Mason kept calling him "boy". He is still calling him that... He must have had a great time because he wants "boy" to come back and play with him.

Oh, and the reason for not editing my photos... My sweet niece, Ella Gracin is visiting for the night... She has been nothing but a little jewel and I just love her to pieces...

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sorority Jewels

Yes, I know, most of you are not still in college or looking for a sorority necklace. This is just what I named it because I only sell the sorority version in a local shop here in Murfreesboro... It is special just for them. I can do most sorority symbols.

But, if you like the small simple style, you could always change it up a bit to your liking. How about "MOM" on the pea sized tag and a first initial for each of your kiddos... I can fit 4 letters or numbers on the pea sized tag with the standard font and more with my small font.

E-Mail me if you are interested in a personalized version.

Please E-Mail Mesh Boutique at They would be happy to take your order...

I am on a strict 2 week waiting period until November 1st after the baby is born... I am set to induce on September 8th. After November 1, I will do my best to accommodate all rush orders...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WW- The Best

We did not make it to Florida (as I said in an earlier post) but we did make it to the lake... We had a blast. I mostly stood on the side and took pictures... Mason and Curt were so fun to watch playing in the water.

Curt must have done this 1,000 times. Mason kept coming right back up and saying, "again, again..." I think Curt was pretty exhausted, but at least he got an upper body work out that day- Ha!

This picture makes me laugh. I think Mason looks like a little bird trying to fly away and it looks like Curt is having a hard time letting him go...

Way. To. Much. Fun!

And who can get enough of these two walking hand in hand... Love it!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Done. Finally.

Mason has been in his BIG boy room for a few months... Wall art was the last thing I was worried about... But after some nudging from the Hubbs, I decided it was high time I got cracking...

I am by no means an artist. I like painting, but seriously it takes so much time and my attention span is really short.

I made them to match his MAIN bedding that I ordered for his bed. I got it from Company Kids. I also got it on SaLe!!! But if you like the bedding, it is too late, it is all gone... I hope he likes motorcycle bedding for a long time...

This is his bed with his new bedding on it and his paintings on the wall. Curt hung the trim and painted the walls and I did the decorating... His Gran had this old metal bed. Curt sanded it down and spray painted it... Honestly, it is one of my favorite things in his room.
My favorite painting was the "Harley" as Mason calls it...

I also did 2 smaller ones to go on each side of one of the big ones...

Another one of the smaller paintings.

Curt advised me that a "letter" is not to go on the "number" plate... It was too late, I do not think I could have covered it up. Also, I like the "M".

Fun, not easy, but FUN! I would do it again, because Mason is so proud of them... He says, "Yook, my Mom made this painking!"
And for that I would do it a million more times.
I wonder if I have any more projects in me before the baby comes... I guess we will just have to see...
We have a busy week, my best friend growing up is comign to town and she is coming to my house for the first time... I am super excited... I wish she could stay longer...
We might be making a trip to the Zoo later this week if the weather holds out...
Friday, I am keeping my niece overnight while her Mommy & Daddy go to a concert... I am too excited...
Also on Friday, my M.I.L is coming into town to stay the night.
Saturday, is my baby shower for Miles... I am so excited! Katie, Mom & Carrie, if you are reading, I HATE GAMES, espically that one where you measure the belly... I am really good at paybacks and I can hold out for a long time so you will never suspect it... LOL!!!
PS- the spell check is not working.... I might be crafty, but I am not a spelling bee winner... Don't judge..

Hit Your Knees

My friends, you have heard me talk about baby Stellan before. He is sick, bad sick, once again. I sat here just a few minutes ago weeping over my lap top for this sweet little boy (while my healthy little boy lies sleeping and dreaming sweet thoughts in his bed upstairs) whom I do not even know, but have watched and prayed for since before he was born. I believe that God hears prayers, I believe that HE answers prayers (in the fashion that is his own.) I believe that if we all pray for Stellan and his family HIS will will be done.

Please my friends, HIT YOUR KNEES, or however you do it and send a shout out the Father above on Stellans behalf...

Prayers for Stellan

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Cup Runith Over.

These two make my heart smile. I am crazy excited about our up-and-coming arrival, Miles...
My cup runith over.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend in Review

It has been chilly here, literally like 50ish at night and right around 70 during the day. Hopefully that will change for today, I would love to get some time in the sun...

Here is Mason yesterday when we went to check out the "beach." We are not at the ocean, but a lake- a beautiful lake...

We intended to be in Florida this week, but the Doctor said that was way too far for me to travel at this point. After all, we are 1 week away from when I went on bed rest with Mason. I am not even trying to go on bed rest this time. How in the heck would I do that....?

We also visited some family. This is Mason's Poppie (Paternal Great-Grandfather.) They had a great time. Mason even got to start the tractor... Even though it scared the jeepers out of him, he still loved it.

This is Maw Maw, Mason's Paternal Great-Great Grandmother. He really enjoys her. She will be 90 on her birthday, and man-o-man, she is a spit-fire...

We also partook in some local activities that we just knew Mason would love.... Have y'all ever been to a tractor pull? It might just be a Tennessee thing. Mason was pretty scared at first, but he warmed right up after a while...

We went to a Flea Market. It was not a fabulous one. The best thing about it was the excitement Mason got out of getting some cheap matchbox cars.

Friday, July 17, 2009

work. work. work... way too much fun these days.

This was one of my favorite necklaces I have made lately. The new font is fun to work with.
Bad photo, sorry! I wanted to show this picture because it was the first time I have used my new copper colored pearls.

I had a BIG order from the local shop, Mesh, that carries my jewelry. These bracelets a great gift. These were purchased for a Sunday school class, there were actually 15 of them, this was all that would fit on my little table.

I love this necklace.
The disc is domed and polished. Mine has 2 pearls, one for each of my kiddos. How many would yours have?

Takin A Break.

Picking Flowers.
Peeing in the Lake.

Wearing life jackets that are too small.

Riding paddle boats.

Ps- Thanks for all of the comments on how I look. One of my blog buddies, Lyndsay, said it best, "you always look cuter than you feel."
Man, that is the truth.

Monday, July 13, 2009

How We Spent Our 4th...

The boys played some very competitive ball. I hear there was goose poop in the grass, yuck!
The boys played more ball.

I got a picture of the "famous man behind the camera."

Mason ran like a wild man.

We held our sweet niece.

We played Corn Hole. I swear that is the name of the game... Apparently, My hubbies team are the reigning champs. Yeah, he rocks.

More holding of the niece, Ella Gracin... We are huge fans of hers.

We ate cupcakes like there was a contest on who could eat the most.

We stopped to see some old retired Jets at a local Air Force Base... And, yes, we all matched. I wore blue and white stripes, even though there is no proof.

We had a great holiday.

Friday, July 10, 2009

One Sweet Dino

Yesterday, I got crafty.
A trip to Hobby Lobby will do that to ya.

We have some friends coming into town at the end of the month and I wanted to make matchy- matchy shirts for Mason and his long lost buddy!
He thought it was pretty cool. He wanted to wear it right away...

I let him be my model. I would give him a 9, since I got this cute picture out of it.

Of course it was inspected very well...

What do you think...?
I am making one for my niece next with a butterfly.

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PhotoStory Friday
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PSF- Lossing it.

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

This is Mason. He is not happy.

Here's a little background for you.

Yesterday, we went walking around the neighborhood. He decided he wanted to stop and see his new friend {J}. I told him that would be okay. He rang the doorbell, and waited and waited and then rang it again. I assured him they were not home and we would call {J's} Mom to see if he could play this weekend.

Boy, that did not go over well. He proceeded, as I pretended to walk away with out him (silly me, thinking this would work) to sit on the porch of {J's} house and cry for him. I knew he was tired, but I had no idea how bad. I finally had to go back and get him off of their porch so they would not come home and think we were the "weird neighbors..."

He did that totally irritating 2 year old thing where he turns into a noodle/ pile of mush in the road and refuses to walk. I had to end up carrying him and his bike all the way home (only 6 or 7 houses) but it seemed like 2 miles.

He had to spend some time in the naughty chair thinking about it when we got home, which he thought was the worst thing in the world...